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LineAge 2 Regards 15X

    Regards feather - ressurrects you on death (1h reuse time) ...
    Regards SP- 30% more sp and more 50 P.def and M.def..passive skill
    Regards XP- 20% more xp and attack speed and and casting speed more 43 points. 
     Regarding the voting by BOX- on the server you Our company the GAIN box That's the one's the contains of the the this one's skills's for 12h ... And mutch more 

    New Skill effects added to all classes. 

    Lion  pet is available ... They are not tradable or droppable, you CAN Evolve Them with time of hard work and 

    can and will best  your friend. 

    The new of Soulshots effects only on the S-grade. 

    About olympiad the NPC will be only in 1 town to help against feeding. 

    New armors added in order to get them you need the materials as you use in Vesper, (EX: vesper-> vesper Noble, in order to get the next armor you need to craft two sets of Verper noble ... and so on. ... (New armors are NOT donatable!). 

    Legendary skills will be avaiable on the nex the update (you can choose  only 1 per character) choose it well. 

    CAstle cloaks  will of a litle the boost (CAN only use the  skill in  siege time), New cloaks.

    Giant Codex mastery price was increased 300% to avoid over-power and increasing the fight for the GCM.